Products & Services

The Kainumai Discovery Workshop is a 2 to 4 hours (online) session where we get to know each other and immediately start modelling your desired enterprise architecture. Contact us for more information.

Kainumai services :

  • Business Strategy formulation: elaborate and communicate a clear strategy description to various stakeholders
  • Current Enterprise Architecture: sometimes it’s important to have a good common understanding of the starting point (the current enterprise architecture) to have a good estimation of the biggest pain points and gaps. For example, IT audits can show if the current ICT landscape supports the strategy and the desired business transformation.
  • Desired Enterprise Architecture: document and share the vision of what the company wants to become.  The target ICT Architecture is a part of the TO-BE Enterprise architecture.
  • Business Transformation : design a roadmap that will allow you to reach your strategic goals and lead to the desired enterprise achitecture.  Depending on the importance of ICT, this transformation is sometimes labeled as a “Digital Transformation“.

Kainumai products:

  • Kainumai Business Transformation Tool (KBTT)
  • Kainumai Transformation Canvas (KTCanvas)